Market making for crypto assets

Implementing market strategies for crypto projects using algorithmic trading systems and deep market experience

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Market Making

Combines in-house algorithmic trading bots and high frequency trading infrastructure in order to increase trading volumes and grow the organic market.

Orderbook management

Dynamically narrows and holds up the spread, as well as provide the organic market with the liquidity in the order book for easy entry and exit from the asset.


High-frequency technology checks for the asset price differences between pairs and exchanges, in order to equalize them and generate profits.


Protects your liquidity against algorithmic traders and avoids unexpected losses. By working completely independently, the services ensure fully secured trading process.

Additional features

Blockchain tracking

24/7 maintained masternod and unlimited set of the triggers for rending you full control over all transactions in your blockchain and the ability to respond to them instantly.

Sell-Side Service

Dynamically operates small and middle intro - spread sell orders for releasing the liquidity you need without affecting the price.

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